BMW M760Li review: V12 7 Series driven in the UK

bmw-m760li-gearDid you glue those V12 badges on?

Nope, this thing really does have a V12. One of 6.6-litres, twin-turbochargers and 602bhp and 590lb ft. Basically the same engine you get in a Rolls Royce Ghost. It is brilliantly, unarguably and brazenly superfluous. Especially in Britain, where we suspect you’ll be able to count the number of so-equipped 7 Series BMW manages to sell on one, immaculately manicured hand. It’s called the BMW M760iL – iL for ‘incredibly long’, no doubt – and it costs over £130,000. Welcome, everyone to the most powerful BMW production car of all time. (more…)


The acceleration of electrification: 10,000 European customers have ordered the new Nissan LEAF in two months

PARIS, FRANCE (December 21, 2017) – As the global leader for electric vehicles, Nissan is well-placed to judge the customer reaction towards the forthcoming launch of its pioneering, all-new LEAF EV.

Back in 2010, when the first-generation LEAF was introduced in Europe, most competitors were sceptical towards this Nissan innovation. They continued their focus mainly on internal combustion engine improvement.

Fast forward eight years. Consumers’ understanding and appetite for electric vehicles has been transformed, with demand experiencing a five-fold increase since 2012. Now the vast majority of car brands are developing their own first-generation EVs. (more…)


Nissan Rogue Adds Pro Pilot Semi-Autonomous

The 2018 Nissan Rogue receives a host of updates, including ProPilot Assist that helps drivers navigate stop-and-go traffic on the highway. Read More


Nissan e-NV200 van gets battery upgrade for 174-mile range

Nissan has given its e-NV200 electric van a range boost with the addition of a new 40kWh battery

Nissan has launched a new version of its all-electric e-NV200 van at the Nissan Futures 3.0 event in Oslo, Norway. With an upgraded battery, the plug-in commercial vehicle can now boast an official range of 174 miles. Read More