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Top reasons why people need hire a van

I’m sure at some point, many of my readers have rented a car for one reason or another. I have written in great detail why people should consider renting a car but, what you might not know is that van hire is just as popular. Personally, I have taken advantage of van hire near me in the past couple of years and in addition to being affordable, it is also one of the most practical decisions to make if you are moving furniture. If you are stuck between deciding whether to rent a car or to invest in good van hire, here are a few reasons why hiring a van is the better option: Read More


What not to do when hiring a van

Many people need to hire a van at some stage for whatever reason. It’s quite a common way of getting around and yet, not the easiest or most transparent process on the planet. There is so much that goes into hiring a van and if you are looking for van hire London, for example, there is so much that could go wrong. Fortunately for you, I have compiled a short list of a few things you should never do when you are hiring a van. Read More


Tips for driving a hired van in London

Van hiring in London can prove to quite tricky for many inexperienced travelers and general residents. If you have never hired a van before, it is very easy to fall prey to scams or hidden fees that leave you paying quite the hefty fee. While I will cover that in another detailed article, I believe it is also important to keep some tips in mind when driving your hired van around London. Read More