The challenges of hiring a van for moving


The challenges of hiring a van for moving

Whether you are moving to another city or to a different neighbourhood, you will probably need a handy vehicle to move your furniture and luggage as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. If you do not own a personal truck or van then it would be a good idea to rent a van for this special purpose. Although we have covered the benefits of van hire for moving furniture in the past, there are a few challenges that you need to be prepared for in the event that you decide to rent a van to move your stuff.

affordable-van-hire-in-londonFinding a suitable van

In the past when I decided to use van hire near me to move my furniture, one of the biggest challenges I faced was finding a van big enough to accommodate larger pieces of furniture. In the event that you want to transport multiple people, pets, tall plants or any other valuable things from one location to another, you need a van that can accommodate every item while simultaneously ensuring that nothing is at risk of being damaged. I would suggest visiting multiple van hire companies and discussing all of your requirements with them before making a decision. In some cases, a company might not have an immediate van for you but, they can make a special order to provide the van of your choice on your scheduled moving date.

Scheduling challenges

A lot of rental businesses tend to be very busy and so booking in advance is a must if you hope to get the van of your choice. Unfortunately, it’s not always a guarantee that you will move when you intend to and there is always a chance that the van you desire will be unavailable when you finally have the time to move. My advice to readers is to wait until at least two-thirds of your furniture is packed before making any arrangements with the company.


Given the popularity of van hire, many companies are always looking to make as much money as possible from their customers. This is especially common when dealing with customers eager to move their stuff as quickly as possible. Once again, planning your move in due time and researching on multiple rental companies can help you save money by picking out the best and most affordable deals. In certain instances, moving during the weekend can be cheaper than moving during the week while other companies offer discounts to customers who choose to include accessories offered by their company in their rental package.

Moving is always quite stressful and without adequate planning, you run the risk of wasting a lot of time and money. If you are planning to rent a van for your move, it is important to research as much as possible to find the best deals and to make your plans well in advance so that you can ensure that you are not left stranded and in a tough spot on the big moving day.

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